New England's Craft Cider

one time...

the sales crew
found themselves
at a casino

…on a tuesday

…in bangor, maine

we’d already had a long night
and had consumed a glass or 10
of maine’s unofficial state drink:
allen’s coffee brandy and milk

lewiston martini
maine champagne

“everyone can
have another round…
except him"

was it fair?

did we rebel?

upon returning
from the bathroom,
we were greeted
by a bouncer

after sneaking back in,
we were met by bangor police

turns out they
weren't wrong

"allen’s is a
hell of a drug"
- rick james

roasted joe

a one-time cider

6.7% ABV

a tip of the cap to that one time we got kicked out of a casino in maine after a few too many lewiston martinis. roasted joe is a coffee and bourbon infused cider with the perfect balance of rich nuttiness and toasted oak. worth every ounce of trouble.